Philly Chocolate Box

A Sampling of Philadelphia's Favorite Chocolates

Included in this Box of Philly

Mueller's Chocolate Tower
Chocolate Covered PB Sandwich
Philly Skyline Chocolate Bar
Shane's Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Oh no! It's too hot to ship chocolate without it arriving as a gooey mess! Available again in the fall.

Send Philly's craziest and best chocolate creations to someone who loves our great city.
What's in the Box

Mueller's philadelphia chocolate tower

First off, the Chocolate Tower is provided courtesy of Mueller's chocolates, in the Reading Terminal Market. According to Zagat, it is one of the 10 most decadent chocolate desserts in Philadelphia. We could not resist including it. Now that you know it exists, good luck trying. Mueller's made the decision that the most delicious things are covered in chocolate and then put on top of other things covered in chocolate.  This tower consists of chocolate covered rice crispy squares, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies, marshmallows and peanut butter cups, all "spot welded" together with more chocolate.

Anthony's Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich

A chocolate covered peanut butter sandwich from Anthony's Chocolate House in the Italian Market in South Philly. Nothing is more "Philly" than crazy food ideas. Anthony's takes two graham crackers, slathers peanut butter in between them, and encases the whole thing in chocolate. The second we saw these, we KNEW they had to be included at any cost. 

Sweet Memories Chocolates Philly Skyline Chocolate Bar

The Philly skyline printed on an oversized chocolate bar from Sweet Memories in South Philly. Sweet Memories is the youngest company in our Philly Chocolate Box, but is well on their way to becoming a south Philly staple. Using the same chocolate as the top chocolatiers in Philadelphia, each and every item they make is top notch. This bar gives you just under three quarters of a pound of some of the best chocolate available from our great city. Pure, delicious chocolate.

Shane's Confectionery chocolate covered pretzel

A chocolate-covered pretzel from Shane Confectionery.  Shane Confectionery is the oldest candy shop in Philadelphia and the longest-running in the nation so we knew we had to include them.  We also knew that, this being Philly, we needed either a chocolate-covered cheesesteak or a chocolate-covered pretzel.  We found this pretzel first.

Anthony's Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Chocolate Covered Popcorn, also from Anthony's Chocolate House. We knew we needed to include something snackable. Anthony's Chocolate Covered Popcorn was just the ticket. Their high end chocolate drizzled over popcorn is SUPER addictive. If you aren't careful, you may end up eating the whole bag in one sitting. We warned you!

And as a thank you, we will throw in a handful of one Philadelphia's most recognizable snacks: Peanut Chews.

Philadelphia has an incredibly-rich history.  Rich, chocolatey history.  Did you know the oldest, continuously-operated candy store in the nation is right here on 1st and Market? Neither did we until we started looking for items to put into our Philadelphia Chocolate Box.  We toured the city looking for the perfect pieces of confectionery creativity to include in this box and are incredibly excited about what we've turned up!

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