About Us

Peter and Steven Gold are the creators behind the Box of Philly.  They both grew up in South Jersey, where the influence of Philadelphia was apparent in everything.  Lunches came with Tastycakes (a two-course dessert, first the cake, then the icing stuck to the wrapper); childhood sports heroes were decked in orange, burgundy, or green; and "Hello" was almost always shortened to "Yo!"

After college, both brothers became experts at helping friends pack their lives up and move to new locations.  Sending little gifts from Philly across the US soon became the norm for Pete and Steve until they were struck by the obvious solution and created The Box of Philly: a quick and easy way to send loved ones a slice of Philly.  There's no need to break the bank or ruin your shoes wandering the streets looking for the perfect assortment of nostalgia anymore, it's all right here!


Philly Box Founder Photo
Pete lives on the fringe of the city, choosing to treat Philadelphia like a vacation spot, and wanders into the city whenever he feels the need for a reprieve.
Second Philly Box Founder Photo
After experiencing life in virtually every neighborhood Philly has to offer, Steve finally settled in South Philadelphia where he lives minutes away from one of his favorite destinations, the Italian Market.