New Year, New stuff!

January 12, 2016 Steven Gold

After a year of spreading the Philly love all over the world we're incredibly excited to begin year two with a slew of new ideas and a ton of old Philly favorites. 

We're most excited about our brand new, pre-assembled Philly Chocolate Box.  We had a great day wandering through Philadelphia to stop and sample all the chocolate we could find, searching for the perfect pieces to include.  Happy that we found the finest confections Philly has to offer, we decided to do everyone a favor and put it all in one already-assembled box: ready to ship and spread the love.

We are also introducing a new purchasing feature on our website, allowing you to pre-order boxes and have them ship to arrive on the perfect date.  If you're like us, you find the perfect gift for someone too far in advance to think about buying it.  Then you forget.  No more!  You've found the perfect gift, buy it now, tell us when it needs to be sent and never again make that last-minute trip to the mall.

Finally, we wanted to truly test the pre-made box idea by offering something besides the Philly Chocolate Box.  Looking back at all the love we sent out we were able to identify a few items that seemed to find their way into almost every box we packaged.  Then we just slapped a stamp on the lot and our Philly Favorites Box for 2015 was born.  Because no ones' Philly experience is ever the same we're still allowing you to fully customize any box of love you send, whether it's one of our new pre-assembled boxes or the standard Box of Philly. 

We're so happy to conclude 2015 on such a positive note and we couldn't be more excited heading into 2016.  Thanks for sending all the love!



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