Armed Forces Philly Love Contest

December 17, 2015 Peter Gold

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Current score as of 9:26AM EST December 24

Goal: Send little reminders of home to as many troops as we can.

When: Now until January 31st, 2016.

For as long as we can remember, Philadelphia has proudly served as the host to the most anticipated football game of the season, which sees the proud members of our Army and Navy squaring off against each other. This year's game was no less spectacular than years past with the Navy ultimately walking away the victor. Both teams put on a tremendous show of camaraderie, teamwork and honor. But which armed forces branch is the tightest-knit squad?

We want to host a friendly competition to find out. This holiday season we were thrilled to be able to send so much love to our brave servicemen and servicewomen. We want to keep the spirit alive and keep sending love to our troops!

How does it work? 1 point = 1 item. So:

  • Little Philly Box (3 items) = 3 Points
  • Classic Philly Box (5 items) = 5 Points
  • Mega Philly Box (10 items) = 10 Points

Don't know anyone in the Armed Forces but want to support your favorite branch? Click on our "Donate A Box" link below, select the size of the box you wish to donate, your preferred branch, and we will find a lucky soldier who could use a taste of home and ship your donation.

We'll keep the tallies posted so you can make sure your favorite branch doesn't fall behind! The highest score by the end of the day January 31st, 2016 gets bragging rights as the tightest knit group of men and women Philly has ever known!

You win for supporting our troops, we win for being able to bring a little extra love into everyone's lives, and our troops win with extra treats from home!

Build a Box!

Donate a Box!


  • Peter

    Jan 05, 2016

    Our first donated Box of Philly is in! It’s a Classic Box of Philly headed to a brave soul serving in the Army. We’re in touch with an organization to find a recipient and we are very excited to get this on the way! :)

  • Peter

    Dec 24, 2015

    Hooray!! 10 points for the Navy and Marines!

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