Happy Holidays and Thank You

December 09, 2015 Peter Gold

Philly in a Box Happy Holidays

As we were packing up another Box of Philly headed to a brave soul serving overseas, something hit us.

This has become more than just a website. We are proud of each and every Box of Philly that goes out. 

Many magicians will say they got into magic for the ability to create a moment of pure wonder and joy. Right at the end of the trick, the subject has a moment of bliss. Their daily troubles don’t exist, their newest problems disappear, and there are no worries of the future. In that moment, there is only happiness. Sometimes it only lasts a second, sometimes it lasts longer. But for that second, all concerns are gone and everything is right in the world.

We work to create that same moment. We want everyone who opens their Philadelphia gift box to feel like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. We want the outside world to disappear when they take their first bite of their favorite hometown snack. A moment of pure bliss. It's funny how just a tiny bit of Philly in a box can provide so much happiness.

This holiday season we have had the honor of creating these moments for loved ones currently serving in our military. We are filled with great pride when we receive one of these orders. And although we spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to make each Box of Philly a joy to open, each Philly gift box headed to our military always gets a little extra love.

Thank you to all of our customers who have provided us with this satisfaction. We want to return the favor and help make each Box of Philly extra special for you, but we need your help.

What else can we do or what else can we include to make your Box of Philly extra special?

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